Vendor Walkway Registration
Payment Options There are two ways that you can sign up for a walkway booth at the Scandinavian Day Festival.
  1. On-Line Registration: Finalize the information below, and when done click the button at the bottom of the page. Note that if any of the required fields are not filled out, then you will not be able to continue. Click Here to download a document with additional information. After clicking the button you will be taken to a verification/receipt page. Please print the page for your records. We are using PayPal to process the On-Line registration, but you do NOT require a PayPal account in order to pay On-Line, but you can use the most common Credit Cards.

  2. Mail in Registration: Click Here to download Vendor Walkway Registration form. Fill out the form, and mail the filled out form with check made out to the Scandinavian Park, Inc., NFP to the address on the form.
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If you are representing a Not For Profit (NFP) organization, then please include your Tax Exempt Number to receive the NFP booth fee. The Tax Exempt Number is a required field, and you will not be able to Continue without entering a Tax Exempt Number.

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Instructions for Booth Location

Chairs$2.50 each

Tables$20.00 each

Canopies 10' x 10'$130.00 each

Canopies 10' x 15'$225.00 each

Canopies 20' x 30'$450.00 each

Extra Wristbands$15.00 each

Electricity$15.00 each

Total Cost$

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